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YAMANEKO-KEN is a gallery & cafe situated among the mountains in Ogose Town. We promise you a superb time enjoying brilliant artworks, great music, and exquisite coffee.

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The story starts when you unknowingly stray into " Yamaneko (wild cat) forest"...


"YAMANEKO-KEN" is a solitary cottage among the forests, self-built with traditional construction methods.


60 seats are available inside and the garden terrace. You can enjoy nature walk, fishing, and historic spot seeing.


Surrounded by green forests, babbling stream, and chirping of small birds...

Seasonally, we prepare you splendid art works and delicious blessings of nature.


Have a rich moment at "Yamaneko forest", where you can see nothing artificial.

You will see Luna and M, the poster cats for YAMANEKO-KEN, if you are lucky...