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Screening with live music !!


March 25(Sun)

March 26(Mon)

March 27  (Tues)


screening with 30 seats

The movie will be shown from 7 p.m


advance ticket 1000 yen

at the door 1500 yen


Look forward to sing with a guitar by Sora Hokimoto, the director of this movie.


Please contact us for more details and advance ticket.



The first YAMANEKO label CD released !!

The dream of the owner has come true !!


"WildCat House" has gone into high gear since 2018 !!

We deliver you supreme sound created by great artists recorded at YAMANEKO-KEN.

The first commemorable CD is "Alberto Pinton Quartet ".

This CD is created by the live performance at YAMANEKO-KEN in February, 2017.

It will release on January 27, 2018.

On the day, a live performance will be scheduled by Jormin, Kaptein, and Mori Yasuhito, who took part in making the CD. 


Please contact us for more details and pre-ordering the CD.


YAMANEKO-KEN became a movie !!

A movie set and filmed at YAMANEKO-KEN "Haruneko" will be released at EUROSPACE on December 17, 2016 (SAT) and consecutively put on the screens across Japan.

Our poster cats M and Luna appear in the film.

At YAMANEKO-KEN, you can buy a special price ticket for 1400 yen ( 400 yen cheaper than prevailing price).


Written, Music, Directed by Sora Hokimoto
Produced by Shinji Aoyama and Takenori Sento
Actors: Keisuke Yamamoto, Ryuto Iwata, MInako Akatsuka, You Takahashi, Youta Kawase, Ron Kawai, Tsuyoshi Fukumoto, Lily, and Min Tanaka.

Why don't you try additive-free, safe, domestic wheat breads 


The campagne, a kind of French bread, only made for YAMANEKO-KEN  by BOULANGERIE "Kaze no Mori" in Yoshimi Town is an aditive-free bread. It is produced by using natural yeast from domestic wheat, pesticide-free Gokoku rice, and home-garden rice !! The delicious bread will make you healthy. It's also ideal for souvenir or gift. You can choose a half size one.


Photography on sale 


"Gilyak Amagasaki ~ From devil's dance to blessing dance ~",published in July, 2016.


The owner of YAMANEKO-KEN was a dedicated writer of Gilyak Amagasaki. This book includes many pictures taken by him.


Although their photos are works mainly exhibited at Nikon Salon, unpublished works are also included.


This book is selling at YAMANEKO-KEN.




At Chiyo library, you can enjoy photos by the owner

when he was in France.